5 ways to engage customers through direct marketing

It is no secret that marketing strategies have a direct impact on customer satisfaction – and customer experience will decide on loyalty, which in turn affects your income and general profits. Emphasis is on, but this should motivate you to perfection!

As the marketing market has moved from mass marketing to direct marketing, the need for personalized engagement is growing. Direct Marketing is a strategic targeting of customers to individual customers, which result in greater commitment to the brand, better understanding of the brand and a better experience on both sides.

Whether you are conducting your own marketing in the company or hiring a marketing agency, it is important to have a clear idea of what you are doing and why. To optimise your marketing plan, keep these points in mind.

Ensure proper communication

Nobody has time or attention to engaging in messages that are not relevant to them. Create up-to-date personalized messages that attract your eyes.

Best direct marketing should always include a specific call-to-action (CTA). Typically, this is a button that encourages the client to take a specific action. Give your audience the ability to interact and get something from your business, such as a free download or a discount code, in exchange for valuable personal information.

CTA is a fantastic, inexpensive option for measurable results. However, if your message is not important, nobody will take care of your bids!

Meet your customer and your needs

What leads us to the next point: Know your customer. Create buyers and learn about the details that make up different groups of customers. What do they want? Where did they come from? Explore their journeys and their goals.

If you need more information about your customers, send a survey, create a call to action, or analyze the data that’s under your nose. 7 out of 10 marketers ignore social data, but there’s no excuse for Facebook analysts and other free tools! Pay attention to your company’s information and learn how customers interact with your business.

Direct Marketing sales growth

Select the appropriate communication channels

Seamless multi-channel communication is now considered a necessity. However, too weak spread can only harm your company’s presence on the Internet. Create a marketing strategy that will optimise your exposure and customer engagement.

See how your existing customers interact with your business. Do they reach you from your website, emails, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or even direct flyer? Don’t jump into what you think is the most popular platform. Every company is unique, so take the time to find out what is best for you.

Don’t Promise Gold Mountains

Don’t promise anything you can’t deliver! This is a gold rule and is quite understandable. In addition to being marked as a distrustful business, you will lose customer loyalty. In addition to losing your customers, you also risk losing potential new customers because people say.

Take care of a coherent and attractive image

Even if most of your customers are on other social media platforms, don’t neglect your site. It does not have to be anything extraordinary, but make sure it is user friendly, and aesthetics fit into the corporate brand. A little graphical design can go a long way. Keep your content and make sure your website visitors have a clear idea of what services or products are within 3 seconds of landing on your home page.

Krzysztof Ginter | 3 November 2018

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