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B2B Sales-Wojciech Stalga and Mariusz Herra.

Mariusz Stalga and Wojtek Herra on B2B sales:

-Discount is a tool to guess, not sourcing,

-Teach the customer to buy,

-What added value do you give?

-Do customers/decision makers know about this value?

I recommend a live program #MariuszŁodygaShow led by the aforementioned Mariusz Łodygi!

How to effectively leverage startup and corporate collaboration

There are many examples of companies and start-ups that have partnered with a huge benefit of both sides.

For example, when Coca-Cola first teamed up with Wonolo, which launched on request Wonolo a few years ago, it resulted in a cost reduction of 75% on the sales market for Coca Coli and 5.7 million for the subsequent Wonolo financing rounds.

"Work is the result of external necessity. Creativity is the result of internal necessity. Before every person stands a choice – Create or only work.

-Bolesław Piasecki-

How to effectively present yourself and your own projects?

Marcin Olkowicza Lecture at the conference Elementarz of the designer, Poznań 2015.

Marcin Olkowicz has addressed the issue of effectiveness in the presentation communication, encouraging discussion of the difference between efficiency and the effect of presentations. He also tried to answer the question of why some effective presenters are wearing a turtlenecks and what follows for the designer.

How to acquire valuable B2B leads?

How to acquire and use information on competition activities to seek new opportunities? How do I acquire additional traffic to my website? How to attract attention and engage prospective customers from abroad? How and why use inbound marketing in practice? These and other questions are answered by Anna Kreiser of CallPage.

"A reasonable man adapts to the world. An unwise man tries to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, great progress is made through unwise people. "

-Shaw George B.-

How do I get and keep customers online?

Lecture from the conference Element Talks 2017, Warsaw.

“We were a total”

Says Michał Sadowski, who spoke during his lecture on Element Talks 2017 as user experience can positively affect business development. Michał cited examples of optimization implementations on the BRAND24 platform, which allowed the company to increase its sales.

Business strategy for the year 2018 by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk on the Business Squared Keynote in Australia is putting the biggest business strategy for the year 2018.

"Traders feel the pressure to fill the leadership positions of industry experts. Their experience can prove to be a disadvantage, because they think about business as much as everyone in the industry. "

-Blake Mycoskie-