How do I get and keep customers online?

Lecture from the conference Element Talks 2017, Warsaw.

“We were a total”

Says Michał Sadowski, who spoke during his lecture on Element Talks 2017 as user experience can positively affect business development. Michał cited examples of optimization implementations on the BRAND24 platform, which allowed the company to increase its sales.

As it claims, it is of great importance in acquiring clients not only marketing or sales, but especially in-depth system analytics. Thanks to the change of registration form, weight loss onboarding or observation of user traffic on the site, he managed to acquire significantly more customers. The leverage of sales or marketing has proved to be the system analyst and the changes introduced in it.

To increase sales also contributed to the introduction of tailored communications for users who enter the site from various sources and use the US company as a bridge when registering users and the payment form. At the end, Michał stressed that the greatest difficulty associated with the changes was the long waiting time to verify the effectiveness of the decisions taken. According to Michał, the awareness, knowledge and skills associated with analysing, observing, drawing conclusions about the functionality of the system will be very useful to designers who are engaged in designing such tools.

Krzysztof Ginter | 3 August 2018

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