7 reasons why email marketing is effective

Email marketing is a common tool used to communicate with clients and generate leads. Many marketers use email marketing as tactics to connect with customers and/or customers. This is a great tool that can be used in the right way to effectively support sales and image activities. However, because of its widespread use by many companies, it often happens ineffective.

Email marketing

An important factor influending the effectiveness of this tool and obtaining the desired results or appropriate conversion is to distinguish itself from the competition and email strategies of other forms. The question is, how to highlight the conducted email campaigns and how to influence the interaction with the recipient and force it to the desired action?

Email marketing is one of the many marketing tactics we use in your overall marketing strategy. However, there are ways to distinguish yourself from the whole mass of advertising spam, build the right relationships with your customers and most importantly, achieve a high conversion.


  • It is addressable, should be personalized, and sometimes even segmented, depending on how customer data is stored and segmented.
  • It needs to attract eyesight and encourage interaction. If the content allows it, write a bold thematic line and let the curiosity push the user into action.
  • It should be interesting. Your message should not be intruable, it should be light and encourage interaction during lunch, meetings or extracurricular activities. You should be encouraged to view your messages even in your free time.
  • Thoughtful creation is an opportunity to show business personality. You can share more details with your customers with your project, photos and word selection. Depending on the marketing software you use, you can include videos, GIFS, etc. in your email to increase engagement. Also remember the mobile version and mobile users-because many of your subscribers will read your message on your phone instead of on your laptop or computer.
  • Take care of the correct frequency. Email Marketing can deepen customer relationships. Consistency is the key to this. If your audience knows that you’ll send them small, relevant, and regular content that adds value to their business, day or knowledge base, they’ll probably appreciate and expect to receive further messages.
  • It is measurable. You can determine the effectiveness of email marketing based on metrics such as the opening indicator, clickthrough rate, the percentage of people who hit Your site, etc. Determine which measurements are most important so that you can track the results after entering email marketing has been implemented.
  • Take care of the email address database. Don’t buy email lists and keep your list updated. Do not send messages to inactive addresses. By sending a newsletter to non-existent addresses or addresses posted by spam traps, your emails may be placed in your SPAM inbox. If you follow the rules, you are more likely to have a positive result.

And do you have any tips for email marketing you want to share? What worked for your marketing email campaign? Share your thoughts with us.

Krzysztof Ginter | 28 July 2018

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